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Piano Works Vol. 1



Improvised compositions recorded on Fazioli grand piano in Copenhagen in 2017. This is the second edition of Piano Works with a different approach to Sebastian's favourite instrument. The recording was made in the Old Danish Radio Studio 3 in Copenhagen in 2018.

"I spent the whole day in the studio, where I focused on the details and shape and development of each composition. The fundation of this album was to combine the natural timbre of grand piano with a preparation of the instrument. The piano sound became altered by placing objects on or between the strings. In this way its color has been enriched, giving it sometimes even percussive character."

The album is available in my the shop as a digital download, as a streaming and it was printed in a limited (50 pieces) amount of CD's. The physical version is not available in my shop, but you can contact us if you would be interested to purchase it.

format: CD (limited), digital

release date: August 2, 2018

label: Sebastian Zawadzki Music

buy: Shop

Streaming links

Spotify: Listen here

Itunes: Listen here

Youtube: Listen here

Deezer: Listen here

Tidal: Listen here

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