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Between the Dusk of a Summer Night


Sebastian Zawadzki - Between the Dusk of a Summer Night

The album Between the Dusk of a Summer Night by Sebastian Zawadzki is inspired by William Ernest Henley's poetry. It's a minimalistic / post-classical work performed by Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Ania Rybacka (voice), Kehan Zhang, Sebastian Zawadzki, and it's combined with electronic and nature sounds. The music integrates musicians across the different music genres and nationalities. Compositions were recorded in studio Magyar in Budapest in March 2017.

"Between the Dusk of a Summer Night was imagined to be so many things over time, but never exactly what it became. This record includes what I think is a good balance and mixture of emotions and coldness, simplicity and complexity. It also gives an impression what inspired me at the moment of creation and formation of the work, as well as my personal taste in general. Working with a full symphonic orchestra is always something that excites me a lot, but it also stresses me out, because so many things can go wrong and every minute counts."

The album Between the Dusk of a Summer Night can be purchased in the shop as digital download. It can be also found on digital streaming platforms.

format: digital

release date: April 26, 2021

label: Sebastian Zawadzki Music

buy: Shop

Streaming links

Spotify: Listen here

Itunes: Listen here

Youtube: Listen here

Deezer: Listen here

Tidal: Listen here

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