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Polish-born, Copenhagen-based composer/pianist/producer Sebastian Zawadzki is a prolific, forward-thinking artist of the young generation that blurs the line between genres. He blends inspirations from classical, ambient and electronic music in his work.
His work embodies both the great sense of the Classical tradition, simplicity and experimentalism. Despite its underlying sophistication, his works are both narrative, storytelling and full of simplicity. They are also characterized by remaining accessible for a wider audience and appeal directly to listeners emotions.

Sebastian had an early introduction to music, growing up in a musical household in Toruń (Poland) and learning piano and composition throughout his childhood. His talent was discovered very quickly at the age of 6, when his parents realized that he has a perfect pitch. Since then Sebastian began to immerse himself in the styles of classical and jazz pianists from previous generations as well as the music of contemporary composers. He moved to Denmark to study at the Music Conservatory in Odense. While studying, he moved several times to continue his studies, among others to Cracow (Poland), Los Angeles and Copenhagen. He finally settled in Copenhagen in 2014. 
​Sebastian started out his music carrier as a pianist. At the age of 22 he has been signed by a Polish record label Fortune Records. His first release was a minimalistic improvised solo piano album ”Luminescence” (2014) and the works composed for a jazz piano trio and string quartet ”Euphony” (2015). At the same time Sebastian was also studying classical composition. As a result of his studies he wrote classical works - among others "Concerto for Bassoon and Chamber Orchestra" (2016), performed by Leszek Wachnik and Warsaw Camerata in 2016 at IX Festiwal Nowego Miasta in Warsaw.

In 2016 Sebastian attended ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop with Richard Bellis in Los Angeles - where he had a possibility to conduct his work for the symphony orchestra consisting of one of the best classical musicians in LA - at the legendary studio Newman Scoring Stage in the 20th Century Fox Studios.

In July 2017 Sebastian released album "Between the Dusk of a Summer Night" inspired by William Ernest Henley's poetry. It's a neoclassical experimental music recorded by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and soloists, combined with ambient soundscapes and nature sounds. The work integrates musicians across the different music genres.

In April 2018, Zawadzki released a postclassical minimalistic album "Norn" inspired by the extinct scandinavian language "norn". The music from the album is written for string quartet, piano and analog synthesizers. Sebastian is also working on a series of "Piano Works" - minimalistic improvised compositions recorded on different kinds of upright pianos and grand pianos.

Songs about Time” is his next ambitious solo work. The album is featuring NeoQuartet (Polish string quartet) and The Art of Escapism (vocal duo) and was released by Pias Poland (March 2019).

Today Sebastian continues to work as an accomplished composer, producer and performer from his Copenhagen-based studio.


Besides his solo projects Sebastian works as a pianist, composer, arranger, conductor and film composer. The movie by Sicilla Luna ”Nu vandrer livet” Sebastian's his music had its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016.

A collaboration with Copenhagen Phil (Danish Symphony Orchestra) played a significant role on Sebastian's artistic development. He expanded arrangements and made orchestrations for symphonic orchestra (music of bands When Saint Goes Machine, Den Sorte Skole and Lowly). He collaborated as well with Academy Award-winning film composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, arranging and orchestrating his film music.