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Sebastian Zawadzki is an accomplished pianist known for his versatility and innovation in jazz and classical music. Born in Poland and now based in Denmark, Zawadzki's musical journey began at a young age, and he quickly gained recognition for his exceptional talent. At the age of 19, he was admitted to the Syddansk Musikkonservatorium in Odense, Denmark, where he honed his skills as a pianist under the guidance of renowned teachers. Zawadzki's dedication to his craft led him to study at conservatories in Kraków, Poland, Los Angeles, and the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen, further expanding his musical horizons.

Throughout his career, Zawadzki has distinguished himself as a virtuoso pianist, captivating audiences with his expressive performances and technical prowess. He has collaborated with acclaimed artists and ensembles, including engagements with the various projects and performances alongside jazz legends such as Adam Bałdych, Larry Grenadier and many more, and studied with, among others, Brad Mehldau and Jakob Bro. Zawadzki's dynamic playing style and innovative approach to improvisation have earned him recognition, establishing him as an active pianist.

Sebastian Zawadzki is a pianist, composer, and producer who was born in Poland but has been living in Denmark since 2010. As a member of the younger generation of artists, he is highly productive. At the age of 19, he was admitted to the Syddansk Musikkonservatorium in Odense, where he studied piano. He also studied at conservatories in Kraków (Poland) and the Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen. Additionally, he participated in the ASCAP Film Scoring workshop with Richard Bellis in Los Angeles before returning to Syddansk Musikkonservatorium in Odense as a soloist - highest degree that a musician can achieve in Denmark at the Music Academy.

One of the standout moments in his career came from participating in the ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop in Los Angeles, where he was one of only 11 participants selected from 400 applications worldwide. This opportunity opened doors to some of the most iconic places in film music. He got to visit Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions studio, seeing firsthand how the legendary composer works. He also visited the 20th Century Fox Newman Scoring Stage and conducted his own composition with an orchestra that included the brother of the legendary composer John Williams and some of the best musicians in LA.

Sebastian also had the opportunity to study with pianist Brad Mehldau during workshops at Engelsholm in 2012, which had a big impact on him as a musician and composer to observe and learn from one of the best jazz pianist. In 2023, Sebastian participated in the Summer Jazz Camp in Denmark and, as part of the workshops, formed a combo with the well-known guitarist Jakob Bro and other participants, having the opportunity to perform with this legendary Danish guitarist. Participation in music workshops in Radziejowice and studying under pianist Marcin Masecki also had a huge impact on Sebastian.

Working with Jan A.P. Kaczmarek, the only Polish composer to win an Oscar for music, was another highlight of Sebastian's career. He fully orchestrated Kaczmarek's work "Symfonia bez Końca" and worked on film music orchestration for movies like "Paul, Apostle of Christ." His skills as a pianist were also recognized by renowned Polish film composer Bartosz Chajdecki, leading to Sebastian recording piano parts for iconic Polish films such as "Bogowie," "Chce się Żyć," "Moje Córki Krowy," and "Powstanie Warszawskie."

An achievement in his role as a film composer was the music he created for "Cent'anni," which won an award at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. This accolade not only showcases his talent but also his ability to convey deep emotions and narratives through music.

Throughout his career, Sebastian has immersed himself in the world of music, continuously exploring and contributing to both film music, jazz and the neoclassical genre. His journey from a talented pianist and composer to a recognized artist on the international stage is a testament to his hard work, creativity, and the unique voice he brings to the music world.

After completing music academies and courses in Denmark, Poland, and the United States, Sebastian decided to settle in Denmark, where he began recording his own music. Sebastian is a sought-after sideman on the vibrant jazz scene in Copenhagen and has toured and recorded in many countries. He has released several albums under his own name and as a sideman. Sebastian's first album, Between the Dusk of a Summer Night (2018), was a minimalist and spatial work that was performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and soloists. This album was Sebastian’s introduction to contemporary classical and minimalism. A few months later, Sebastian recorded Piano Works Vol.1 (2018) in a studio in Copenhagen, where he explored the possibilities of the grand piano, improvisation and preparation. He followed this up with Norn (2018), a soundscape for string quartet, synthesizers, and piano. In 2019, Sebastian released Piano Works Vol.2, a milestone in his discography. It was recorded on an old upright piano based in Royal Academy in Copenhagen - in their stunning concert hall, as well as on the grand piano, and it’s one of the most popular works by Sebastian on Spotify, with the first song reaching almost three million streams. Sebastian continued to explore new musical avenues with his next album, Songs about Time, which merges voice, piano, and string quartet into a beautiful, peaceful palette of sounds, slowly evolving throughout the time. He also released Entropy, one of his most popular songs on Youtube. In 2021, Sebastian released Far Away, a single made for a jazz trio that also gained almost three million streams on streaming services. Sebastian's later releases, Viridian (2022) and Altair (2022), mark a new chapter in his musical journey. Viridian is a series of melodic improvised solo piano pieces, recorded in Tall Pine Records in Kolbudy, Poland, while Altair is a long-playing album for a symphony orchestra, mallets, and piano. 

Apart from recording albums, Sebastian is an active touring artist, having played concerts with his music around the world, including in Poland, Denmark, Sweden, the United States, Kazakhstan, Germany, and Italy. His live performances, such as Sebastian Zawadzki - FORTE ARTUS FESTIVAL | Full Performance (Toruń, 2017) with a small orchestra performing his compositions, and Sebastian Zawadzki Trio “Better Light” - Live from Metronomen (Copenhagen, 2021), are a testament to his vision for blending classical music, improvisation and jazz. In addition to his album releases, Sebastian also created a live video show Live in Astana, a beautiful performance with a string orchestra, woodwinds and double bass, that features Sebastian's original compositions.

In 2022 Sebastian recorded and released an album "Altair" which is music composed for symphony orchestra. In 2023 Sebastian released a couple of other projects, including a jazz piano solo album "Standards, Vol.1", as well as "Pax Elysium '' - haunting synths and atmospheric drums. In 2023 Sebastian got invited by renowned violinist Adam Bałdych to record his new album "Portrety '' with his Quintet in Otwock, and to play music of legendary Polish composer Górecki with Adam Bałdych Quartet in December 2023. In 2023 Sebastian also premiered his new trio album "Vibrations”, and also had some international success, among others, to perform at the renowned jazz club Montmartre Jazzhus in Copenhagen and well-known jazz club in Warsaw Jasmine.

Sebastian is also working as a teacher and music educator at National Music Schools in Denmark (Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, Næstved Musikskole, Rytmisk Center)

Throughout his career, Sebastian has had the pleasure of performing with a number of acclaimed artists on stage, including Simon Thorsen, Larry Grenadier, Jordan Jackson, Marcin Wasilewski, Grzech Piotrowski, Maciej Kitajewski, Klanglys, Ole Kock Hansen, and many more. His extensive educational background and extensive experience as a performer and recording artist have allowed him to develop a unique voice as a pianist, composer, and producer, and successfully work and establish his own recording studio in Copenhagen. ​Sebastian also worked as an orchestrator for the esteemed Danish Orchestra, Copenhagen Phil, where he regularly wrote orchestrations as part of the 60 Minutes festival. Sebastian also had the opportunity to perform as a substitute pianist with the renowned Aarhus Jazz Orchestra.

Sebastian Zawadzki's musical journey also includes successful concert tours across Central Asia. His most recent tour in February 2024 took him to Kazakhstan, where he played in large concert halls. This tour was organized in collaboration with Baykanat Concerts, a leading concert agency in the region.


Sebastian's Awards 

DJBFA Danish grant recipient for the album "Norn," 2018

DJBFA Danish grant recipient for the album "Between the Dusk of a Summer Night," 2017

Art Scholarship granted by Voivodship Marshal in Torun (Poland), 2010-2015

Selected as one of 12 participants in "ASCAP Film Scoring Workshops 2016 with Richard Bellis" in Los Angeles, 2016

First prize winner in the Transatlantyk Film Festival contest "Instant Composition" in Lodz, 2016

Composer of the bassoon concerto performed by soloist Leszek Wachnik and Orchestra at Festiwal Muzyki Polskiej in Warsaw, 2016

Screened at Cannes Film Festival 2016, the movie "Nu vandrer livet" featured original score by Sebastian

Second award received for the concerto for violin and string orchestra at the composition contest during II Violin International Festival in Torun (Poland)

Grand Prix winner with his ensemble Jazzpocalypse at the ”European Jazz Contest” in Rome, with an individual prize for piano skills for Sebastian Zawadzki

Scholarship recipient for recording the CD of Tone Raw, awarded at the "Jazzowy debiut Fonograficzny 2012" contest organized by IMIT (Instytut Muzyki i Tanca)

Second Individual Prize at Tarnow Jazz Contest in the solo category without age limit

Individual Prize winner at Jazz Juniors 2011 in Krakow

Second Prize at Przeglad Mlodych Zespolow Jazzowych in Gdynia

Grand Prix winner at Novum Jazz Jazz Festival 2011

Special Prize winner at Novum Jazz Jazz Festival 2009

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