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Sebastian Zawadzki is a Copenhagen-based pianist, composer, and producer born in Poland that blurs the line between genres. He has created his own, enthralling sonorous language that moves and inspires listeners around the world. Sebastian had an early introduction to music, growing up in a musical household. He quickly began to immerse himself in the music styles from the past as well as contemporary art. He blends inspirations from classical music, jazz and ambient, and his works embody both the great sense of Classical tradition, simplicity, and experimentalism. Despite its underlying sophistication, the music is narrative and is characterized by enigmatic playfulness and sensitivity. By turning hypnotic and captivating, Sebastian excels at creating moods and mesmerizing the listener.


After finishing music academies and music courses in Denmark, Poland, and the United States, Sebastian decided to move permanently to Denmark, where he recorded a homemade album ”Piano Works Vol.1” (2018) in his home studio, which surprisingly got a lot of attention on social platforms, he decided to create a full long-playing album ”Between the Dusk of a Summer Night” (2018), minimalistic and spatial work performed by Budapest Symphony Orchestra and soloists. That album was Sebastian’s introduction to contemporary classical and minimalism. A few months later Sebastian recorded another ”Piano Works Vol.2”, this time in a professional studio, based in Copenhagen, where he explored the possibilities of grand piano and preparation. The last album of 2018 was ”Norn”, a soundscape for string quartet, synthesizers, and piano. The whole album is a bit more intimate compared to Sebastian’s previous album "Between the Dusk of a Summer Night", but it is maintained in a similar style, that he tries to explore even deeper.


The next release ”Piano Works Vol.3” (2019) was the next milestone in Sebastian’s discography. It was recorded on an amazing upright piano based in Copenhagen in a concert hall, as well as on the grand piano, and it’s one of the most popular works by Sebastian on Spotify, the first song reached almost three million streams until now. The next release ”Songs about Time” is another popular album, where Sebastian merges voice, piano, and string quartet into a beautiful, peaceful palette of sounds, slowly evolving throughout the time. Then he released a single ”Entropy” which is one of his most popular songs on Youtube.


The next releases were called ”Spirituality” (2021) and ”Far Away” (2021) – a single made for a jazz trio. The year 2022 brought two new albums: ”Viridian” - recorded in Tall Pine Records in Kolbudy, Poland, a series of melodic improvised solo piano pieces, as well as ”Altair” (2022) - a long-playing album for a symphony orchestra, mallets, and piano.


Apart from recording albums, Sebastian actively works as a touring artist, he played concerts with his music around the world (Poland, Denmark, Sweden, United States, Kazakhstan, Germany, Italy etc) and you can watch two full live performances of his music on youtube – ” Sebastian Zawadzki - FORTE ARTUS FESTIVAL | Full Performance” (Toruń, 2017) with small orchestra, as well as ” Sebastian Zawadzki Trio “Better Light” - Live from Metronomen (Copenhagen, 2021)”

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