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Sebastian Zawadzki - Norn

The word "norn" derives from Norrœnn (Norwegian, Norse). Among modern languages, the Faroese and Icelandic are closest to it. Scandinavian languages, as well as Scandinavian cultures have been my passion for a long time and I decided to express it in my music. Norn is an extinct language. The name may suggest the character of my music, which is a bit niche, a bit far back to the inspiration, but at the same time timeless, just as the elements of non-existing norn dominate in modern Scandinavian languages. 

"The whole album is a bit more modest in the cast compared to my album "Between the Dusk of a Summer Night", but it is maintained in a similar style, that I try to explore even more - combination of modern classical music with electronic generated sounds and modular synths. The album features string quartet and me on the piano and synthesizers, and it was recorded in Studio Magyar in Budapest and in DKDM in Copenhagen, February 2018."

The album is available for purchase as physical and digital version in the shop and you can find it also on digital streaming.

format: CD, digital

release date: March 24, 2018

label: Sebastian Zawadzki Music

buy: Shop

Streaming links

Spotify: Listen here

Itunes: Listen here

Youtube: Listen here

Deezer: Listen here

Tidal: Listen here

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