Sebastian Zawadzki "Norn" (2018) - physical album

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Music composed by Sebastian Zawadzki

Performed by Budapest Art Quartet and Sebastian Zawadzki

Cover design by Matylda Mazur-Wasylkowska © Yoyo Design

Mastered by Michał Kupicz

Made in the EU - Limited Edition

With support from DJBFA – Composer and Songwriters’ Production Pool and Koda’s Cultural Funds.


1. Norn
2. Orknøjon
3. Reduction in the Intensity of Light
4. Shetland
5. Hildina
6. Kwārna fārna
7. Notes from the Journey
8. Skỏņdi
9. Lost in Words
11. Urðr

Sebastian Zawadzki "Norn" (2018) - physical album

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    Artwork (cover design) by Matylda Mazur

    Type of licence for artwork: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 license

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